Embassy Village will take a pioneering approach to tackle homelessness and deprivation. Providing homeless people with their own front door, our scheme will begin to remove the high barriers and tough obstacles that many people encounter when trying to move forward from life on the street and gain a stable foothold in our communities.

We are proposing:

  • 40 new high quality permanent homes located under the railway arches further into the site for privacy
  • A Village Hall which will become a community hub and training and mentoring facility for residents, located towards the site entrance
  • A reception pod to ensure site security
  • High quality outside space with plenty of greenery, a multi use sports area, space to grow vegetables as well as external eating and socialising areas


Creating quality accommodation for future residents, where they feel comfortable and safe, is a key part of the design and will help foster a mutual respect for the Embassy Village.

Embassy Village has been designed by Jon Matthews Architects, who have a track record of delivering high quality development in Manchester.

Every home will be situated under each railway arch in clusters of four (two up, two down) and will be arranged to create a sheltered inward facing courtyard. Front doors are accessed off the courtyard which then serves as a neighbourly, shared space which the residents will help to maintain. Each home has been designed to maximinise space and includes a wet room and open plan kitchen, dining/living and bedroom space as well as integrated storage. The homes will have a high quality fit out and be suitably insulated to ensure noise isn’t an issue, considering the location beneath the railway arches.

The Village Hall will create a large flexible multi-use space with shared cooking, laundry and washing facilities. The reception pod will be at the site entrance and will function as site security and house residents’ post boxes. The homes are manufactured off-site which reduces the amount of construction we need to do on-site while providing flexibility for the project to be expanded over time.

We’ve got landscape architects Planit I.E. on board to design the outside space. We’re planning plenty of communal spaces with planting and outdoor seating including:

  • Embassy Waterside – a reflective seating space
  • Bridgewater Gardens – an active area for socialising
  • Underway – the central spine of the site that acts as a lively centre stret connecting residents’ homes and the communal social areas

The plans will also have sustainability at their heart, with plans to re-use materials such as reclaimed timber, resilient planting, and a space for growing vegetables.


The Embassy team will provide wrap-around support and work with residents to equip them with invaluable life skills to become more confident and independent. From budgeting, money management, and laundry, learning soft skills such as socialising and teamwork, to boosting work readiness through job searches, applications and interviews. The experienced Embassy team will manage the site 24/7.

We estimate that each resident will live on-site for an average of 6 to 14 months depending on their level of need to get ready to start their next chapter in life.

We aim to build on our strong track record of helping people to find that they have a life full of purpose, get into work, get into private accommodation and then remain part of community so that they are stable going forward.

The village will have a zero tolerance policy of drug and alcohol consumption on site. There will be strict rules on minimising noise after hours and ensuring cleanliness across the site and residents will not be able to receive visitors.

We operate as a housing provider rather than a shelter and all potential residents are interviewed and triaged. Only those who are ready and, crucially, keen to work are offered accommodation. Each resident will receive over 6 hours of one-to-one training each week from the Embassy team.

We have a strong track record of getting vulnerable people back into work and we work with a number of local businesses who provide job opportunities to our residents.