Homelessness across the UK and Greater Manchester is rising since the pandemic. Across Greater Manchester alone, an estimated over 5,500 people are homeless, a number which has dramatically increased over the past five years.

It is not unusual for single homeless people to have no other option than to live several years in shelters before local authority housing becomes available. Our aim is to reintegrate homeless men into the work force and private sector housing without the need to rely on benefits. This isn’t just about saving society money – it’s about improving the self-esteem and life chances of men who have longed to get on their feet and contribute to society again. The Embassy Village has the potential to become a major force for good in Greater Manchester’s fight to end homelessness.

“I’ve been in my own accommodation for well over a year now. I’ve achieved so much and it’s all because of Embassy.”

“I am happy to be with Embassy, they have helped to keep me off the street and I like that they will help me with other things.”

“Embassy helped me so much during my time with them and after I moved on. I was in a bad way, my family was falling apart, I was in and out of court. Embassy were with me every step of the way and have been since I moved on. I cannot thank them enough.”

“When I turned up at the bus, I had nothing. The guys helped me find a job, a place to live and carried on supporting me when I moved on. Embassy is very special.”